Emotional Recovery

Over the course of two years, Vivian Orgel was more than just my boss. She helped me get through one of the toughest moments of my life, my parents’ divorce, along with other personal issues. If I wanted her advice, she was ready to give it. If I didn’t, she still provided an ear for listening. Even with all the stress in her life, she was always concerned about my well-being. During my employment,Vivian was always giving me various gifts . While I enjoyed working with Vivian, I also appreciated the personal relationship we were able t o develop during my employment. If you ever need advice for life’s challenges , Vivian Orgel is the one to give it.

– Erika W

Being in a large urban place such as New York City, we can all feel pretty alone sometimes, and I felt sad when I wished there was someone to talk to. I have not known Vivian very long, but she saw that I was in a crisis and the first thing she did was offer comfort and sound advice that I could internalize and learn from. It was about dealing with loss, forgiving from the heart, and always staying self – empowered to get through the worst things. Although I am still learning and dealing with daily struggles, it has been a blessing to find a woman, who is outrageously witty and funny and also serious enough to offer all the help in the world to cheer me up.

– NYC Artist

Vivian Orgel has changed my life on many levels. Vivian has helped give me a self-confidence I never felt before. On a larger level, I have grown as a person through Vivian’s friendship. Her knowledge of beauty and wellness through stress management and her supportive attitude has become an invaluable part of my life.

– Kelly Coleman

I felt much better after I spoke to Vivian, because I couldn’t deal with this problem and I didn’t feel secure talking to other people. She was genuine and cared about how I felt and what I was thinking before the session ended.

– Susan