Health Recovery


Miss. Vivian Orgel is the most concerned and knowledgeable health advisor I have ever met. She is admittedly self-educated in the wellness field so at first I was wary of accepting advice from her.

Boy did that change. I met Miss. Orgel many years ago socially but only recently, after reading a few of her many publications in the health and beauty field online, did I decide to consult her for my severe insomnia. I was desperate because the recommendations of my private physicians had failed.

I’m a Type 1 Diabetic and the first thing she realized was that I wasn’t taking the magnesium tablets my endocrinologist had prescribed at the right times. I’d been taking them mornings, not nighttimes just before bed when their most effective. Equally importantly, she suggested I drink a glass of Calm Zone Magnesium mixed in warm water 20 minutes before trying to sleep and it worked.

But not completely. Magnesium, in the right amount, can be a relaxant and, although the Calm Zonet helped me shut my eyes, it didn’t keep me from waking up several times in the middle of the night. I was still getting only 4, at most 5 hours, of sleep.

Vivian said “You need a super-strong sleeping pill. Get your doctor to prescribe one. It’ll knock you out.” It did and I began getting 7, even 8 hours of sleep for the first time in years.

Next, not satisfied, Vivian attacked my diet. I was never obese but a good 15 lbs too heavy for my height and she overwhelmed me with emails, texts and phone calls until I relented and began eating properly. She also insisted I take a mixture of vitamin, mineral and nutrient supplements daily.

Thanks Vivian. You really saved me.

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Michael Grossman