Beauty Recovery

Rave Reviews

Vivian Orgel has worked closely with a team of medical experts to put together a clearly written, well organized text to help consumers make an intelligent choice for a hair removal method that is safe, effective, and satisfactory for each individual.

Dr. Michael Lorin Reed, Dermatologist, New York, NY

Even though I’m quite secure and confident, any time I’ve needed any guidance, any wisdom, when I was in a dilemma, Vivian was the lady that I went to with my little bit of aggravation. She’s such a clear, positive thinker with such discipline, such an economy of words, she told me in one paragraph what somebody else would take volumes to explain to me, and I’ve followed her wisdom. She’ll be giving a lot of people the opportunity to go through life on a happier, more optimistic note.

Joe Franklin, WWOR-TV

By bringing the problem of unwanted hair into the open and by offering concrete advice on hair removal techniques, Vivian Orgel’s tape alleviates some of the distress. In addition, the tape stresses the necessity of seeking medical help when unwanted hair-growth is accompanied by other medical problems.

Dr. Walter Futterweit, F.A.C.P., Clinical Professor of Medicine Division of Endocrinology New York, NY

Educator Vivian Orgel has recently introduced her skin care program, The Mind, Body and Beauty Connection. Orgel discusses achieving wrinkle-free, hair-free, flawless skin and emotional and physical wellness . . . she shares her philosophies on current skin treatments.

As a professional fitness trainer and stage and film actress, it is important I look fit and healthy and maintain good skin over the years. Vivian Orgel has been especially helpful in correcting facial habits that caused visible premature aging. In a few days I noticed a dramatic change in my face – none of those stress lines and a much younger look to my face in general. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to pass this along to my clients, both male and female!

Sherri Wilkinson, Fitness Trainer and Film Actress

I am one of Vivian’s clients who decided to buy her books. There was so much information that I didn’t find in beauty magazines. I couldn’t understand why I was breaking out all the time, even with all the medications the dermatologists gave me. They were a waste of my time and money. I can now control this problem without medications for the rest of my life.

H.G., Computer Specialist

I was introduced to using lavender when I met Vivian. She insisted on its natural healing powers. I suffered from mild breakouts, especially during menstrual cycles or from stress. I have tried so many products and spent several hundreds of dollars with the battle, including fruit-acid peels and glycolic acid washes. Needless to say I was a bit skeptical, but I tried it and my skin began to improve. My complexion looks cleaner, old spots have faded and I continue to use it every day! “The Beauty Safety Mentor. She’s a Visionary!

Julia Gampel

Vivian Orgel is the most dedicated, accomplished beauty expert I have ever met. She pursues her goals as an author and healer with passion and vigor, sharing her unique knowledge in her health and beauty books and publications. Watch for them and make sure you have them in your library. Thank you, Vivian, for guiding the way.