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Vivian Orgel continues to advance professionals, students, and consumers’ education through prestigious beauty trade and personal image magazines: Vogue, Seventeen, Essence, Self, Glamour, GQ, Modern Salon as well as the media, including Bloomberg Radio, The Virginian Pilot, WWORTV. Her approaches help you be happier, healthier, and more productive, adding time to your personal life. Be informed, spare yourself of mistakes, unwanted physical and emotional pain, and negative self-talk.

Vivian brings fact-packed non-biased research of 40 years of professional and personal experience and interviews with leaders in their fields. This is not something that can be found on the web or in magazines. She focuses on unknown solutions for mind-body and health concerns. Vivian’s advice is indispensable to manage or eliminate emotional or physical difficulties, change and control skin conditions, heal body ailments and learn new ways to de-stress. She wrote the UQ which are Unasked Questions to demystify your concerns.

  • What works and what doesn’t
  • Lies, myths, and misconceptions
  • Gain reliable facts, understanding and take control
  • Increase self-awareness for greater personal power
  • Break free of recycled beliefs
  • End fear and resistance cycle and create success
  • Go from victim to victorious
  • Set yourself up for success
  • Learn to use your experience of fear and worry
  • Stop self-punishment
  • Get through and beyond betrayal
  • How to avoid self-sabotage
  • What procrastination can teach you
  • Advice and advancements
  • Develop a healthier and happier you with Vivian’s Enlightenment Series
  • Strategies and topics
  • The Stress Effect
  • Stress re-education and reduction
  • The Perceptual Shift Method
  • The Distraction Technique
  • The Yet Factor
  • The future of aesthetics
  • Adversity and resiliency
  • Mind-body energy healing
  • Uncertainty and confidence
  • Healthy ways to view stress
  • Safe beauty treatments
  • Emotional health and well-being
  • Drug-free depression relief
  • Tame tension and cope with its effects
  • How to be more positive
  • Mind-body psychology
  • Confidence and certainty
  • Learn what you tell yourself
  • The physical effects of emotions
  • Personality factors
  • Dissolve anger
  • Eliminate and reduce pain
  • Make the most of any situation
  • Understand triggers to raging hormones
  • Control your skin’s behavior
  • Have health enhancing thoughts
  • Find the catalyst
  • Deal with change
  • Achieve happiness and joy
  • Avoid second-hand stress
  • Easily de-stress and energize
  • What men want
  • Truths and misinformation about metabolism and weight loss
  • Home remedies to drastically reduce whatever ails you
  • Decrease the impact of emotional and physical stress
  • Avoid and correct nasty skin conditions: infections, acne, psoriasis, cysts, sagging, inflammation, hyper-pigmentation and more
  • Identify the origins of skin disorders to control or eliminate them
  • Before and after pregnancy tips
  • Overcome and decrease ailments and symptoms of illness
  • Techniques to help stop, slow down, and prevent hair loss
  • Regrowth alternatives
  • Take control and defend yourself from health reducing ailments, attachments and unwanted symptoms
  • Be more informed about post-treatment recovery and scar prevention
  • What disqualifies you from surgery
  • Self heal — be the cure, learn how to self heal
  • The underlying causes of beauty problems
  • Hair removal and safe skin therapies
  • Ingrown hair prevention and elimination
  • How to prevent skin injuries
  • Proven internal and external anti-aging methods
  • Vivian’s rituals for you to achieve your full beauty potential
  • Ethnic skin care
  • Myths, trick photography, and false advertising that are exposed
  • Necessary scheduling for surgeries and beauty treatments