Joe Franklin

Pioneering TV & talk show host, Joe Franklin, endorses my research, below
with 11 TV appearances on his national TV show

Here with Joe, post- 9/11 New Years Eve, to help New Yorkers cope

Joe Franklin and Vivian Orgel in radio stationvivian 4

Vivian interviews legend and talkshow host Joe Franklin

Joe Franklin endorsement for Vivian’s books, interviews, and radioshow

Stress free education and weight loss

Vivian provides solutions



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Letter from Joe Franklin to Vivian Orgel

Okay my friends,
Joe Franklin! I’m doing a little of my own private, personal memory-laning right now, by telling you that I’m a fan of Vivian and The Mind, Body and Beauty Connection. I have to express what I feel about this lady. Even though I’m quite secure and quite confident, any time I’ve needed any guidance, any wisdom, when I was in a dilemma, Vivian was the lady that I went to, the person I went to with my little bit of aggravation. She’s such a clear, positive thinker, such discipline, such an economy of words, she told me in one paragraph what somebody else would take volumes to explain to me, and I’ve followed her wisdom.Whenever I do a compilation of my discoveries – nobody discovers anybody, but I did give the first exposure to many people – and those who I’m proudest of might include (those who made their first appearance ever on the Joe Franklin TV show: Bill Cosby, Bruce Springstein, Eddie Murphy, Barbara Streisand (who sang on my show forty times), Bette Midler, Woody Allen, Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman.
I gave Vivian her first exposure, and when I talk about my golden dozen, I always include the name of Vivian Orgel, because I’m proud of her; I’m proud of what she represents and what she can contribute here, on radio and TV. She’s one of my favorite protegees, and I shall always be a solid fan and devotee of “The Mind, Body, and Beauty Connection” and “Overcome the Pitfalls Of Stress”. She’ll be giving the opportunity to go through life on a happier, more optimistic note.
Thank you,
Joe Franklin

Vivian Orgel on The New Yorkers