Some Unasked Questions and Underreported Topics Answered


  • Are there still dangerous drug in your medicine cabinet that can effect your health?
  • I just ate, so why do I still feel hungry?
  • Are there any vitamins or herbs I can take to help me lose weight?
  • How do I choose the right diet for my lifestyle and body type?
  • What is the most effective exercise for my stomach muscles, sit-ups or crunches?
  • I lead a very athletic life, what is the proper way to gain weight?
  • How can I optimize my metabolism?
  • How do carbohydrates, grains and sugars affect my weight?
  • I exercise and diet, but I’m not losing weight. What should I do?
  • How can I resist the temptation to eat more or bad food?
  • Is there any way I can get rid of the dimple-like cellulite on my thighs?
  • Which weight loss supplements work?
  • Can saunas really aid my weight loss efforts? Are there risks involved with them?
  • What kind of help can I seek for my eating disorder?
  • What moderate activities will help me lose weight?
  • Which exercise machine at the gym burns the most calories?
  • My skin sags from weight loss. Are there any treats options?
  • Why do I crave chocolate?
  • Is it true I can eat more during my period?
  • What is the truth about fat absorption?
  • What really boosts your metabolism without extra work?
  • Are there any strategies I can use to prevent weight gain during the holidays?



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