Unasked Questions and Underreported Topics Answered

Enough Skin Damage

This can happen to you, an uneven chemical peel. Learn reasons why this happens in Vivian’s books.

  • Control Your Skins Destiny
  • Beauty Rituals That Work
  • Maintaining Beauty Under Pressure
  • Cosmetic Procedures Treatments And Solutions
  • What can I do for my skin, without spending money on products or a dermatologist?
  • How do I avoid anxiety, save time and money,
    and prevent skin damage?
  • What do collagen and elastin products really do?
  • How can I holistically stop my skin from
    breaking out?
  • Do oral vitamins have an effect on the skin?
  • How does my skin act as a barometer for overall health?
  • Do facial exercises really work?  If so, which ones?
  • Is there a way to firm sagging skin without going under the knife?
  • Are wrinkles hereditary?
  • Why does my skin’s texture and pore size of my skin pores?
  • How does my mood affect my skin?
  • How do I avoid lip lines and what can I do about them?
  • What are some unknown options for improving the look of aging skin?
  • How does my personality impact my skins appearance?
  • How can I maintain beauty under pressure?
  • Why don’t my cosmetics and lotions work, they did last year?

Surgeries may not last forever. Save time, anxiety, beauty disasters and medical costs! Don’t waste your precious moments spending money on needless products. When used correctly, Vivian Orgel’s Holistic Strategies and Anti-Aging regimens will show dramatic results in 3 to 15 days by eliminating acne and other skin ailments. These proven methods will help you visibly erase years from your appearance. Take beauty matters into your own hands. Get the great results others have achieved by using Vivian’s advice. Learn how to use your emotions, self-hypnosis and other unique techniques to keep aging at bay. By learning inexpensive remedies and applying the information, you can stop or reverse the effects of many skin conditions without cosmetic products or procedures. Physician and salon treatments are also explained in detail. Get to the root of your problem and easily decrease or eliminate prune lips and crow’s feet, as well as firm up sagging skin on your face and body. As a women over 60, Ms. Orgel is living proof that her advice truly works. She looks more than 10 years younger.

Hidden Reasons for Skin Damage

What causes skin damage besides bad technique? Through her articles, interviews and research, you will learn the answers. Throughout 30 years of clinical experience Vivian has seen nightmarish consequences as a result of cosmetic and hair removal procedures. Consumer’s are relatively unaware of the range of hazards involved and how to avoid them.

With the Orgel Methods, you can grow more confident and learn to control and minimize the physiological and psychological signs of aging. Visible and internal stress signals such as dry skin, wrinkles, acne, hyper-reactive skin, excessive hair growth, ingrown hairs, TMJ, neck and back pain and ulcers don’t have to permanently affect your life.  The sooner you educate yourself, the sooner you can avoid costly skin damage and recurring physical ailments.

Have a better understanding of your body’s reactions to help you retain your natural beauty and youthful appearance with holistic, low cost solutions. You will see visible results!

Vivian Orgel offers beauty, grooming, health tips, and techniques that only leading professionals know. Here’s an opportunity for everyone to have optimal skin. Learn to control your skin’s reactions. You can turn back the hands of time and change your appearance.