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When Vivian began thirty-five years ago as an electrologist in New York City’s Bloomingdales’ privately owned salon, she didn’t know she would witness easily preventable skin injuries and hear stories that would help her understand how the mind-body connection affects individuals.

As the founder of The Mind, Body, and Beauty Connection and MBBC Inc., Vivian offers consumers necessary information for today’s challenges: self-protection, safety precautions, strategies, and research sought after by industry trade magazines.


Vivian delves deeply into emotional management, the mind’s effects on the body, and skin injury prevention. She felt compelled to find unconventional solutions to these topics and many other pressing concerns. As a beauty, health, and well-being researcher and consumer self-protection advocate, she has pioneered advancements to inform professionals and consumers about unobvious reasons for skin reactions, healing, and other body concerns. Her experience with underlying causes and the mind-body field provides a quality education that all consumers deserve to know.

The New York Times, GQ, Essence, Seventeen, Self, Glamour and many other media sources continue to consult Orgel for in-depth information on under-reported issues and topics. She interviewed groundbreaking experts in the fields of dermatology, hair loss and safe removal, endocrinology, gynecology, laser treatments, chiropractic care, nutrition, and more. Her extensive research includes advice from world-renowned authorities dedicated to helping you improve your emotional and physical wellbeing.

She offers answers to commonly overlooked or unanswered questions, and uncovers the truth behind misleading or misrepresented information regarding hair removal, anti-aging products, and cosmetic surgery. She can help you gain control over your skin’s health without costly and potentially dangerous remedies. She provides tools to strengthen your life, overcome challenges and adversity, avoid pain, and sidestep depression, stress, anger, and health ailments. Use them to feel better within minutes. Why suffer?

Inside this site you will learn more about her credentials, beauty safety tips, unique stress relief and management, along with healthy lifestyle suggestions, taking your well-being into account. You want safe and effective results. Be careful with what you’re told, not all the information you read is correct and even experts are misquoted. Not everyone qualifies as an expert. After thirty years of experience, Vivian is still inspired to deliver uncompromised quality information you would want to know.

You’d be astounded to know the dangers involved with some treatments and products that are sold in magazines, TV and on the Internet, that don’t work or hurt you. She investigated many of them and interviewed leading physicians who care, to provide this information through her research. There are people who care about your safety and what it costs you not to know the truth.

This site answers commonly overlooked and unasked questions about physical and emotional well-being. You will find a trusted insider’s knowledge of safe techniques to avoid and eliminate skin injuries, depression, weight gain, hair loss and many other ailments. Vivian Orgel, along with a team of mind, body, health and beauty connection advisors, offer reliable approaches to health and wellness. They are here to help you become empowered with heightened awareness and greater self control in dealing with life’s challenges.

While FAQs are common, Vivian focuses on Unasked Questions (UQs) that are essential for both consumers and professionals to know. With her wide-ranging experience, she continues to uncover underlying causes and presents numerous solutions to avoid serious consequences of physical pain, emotional stress, financial strain and waste valuable time. Her research is contained in articles and books that teach critical information so both consumers and professionals can make more informed decisions.

No other source offers strategies and solutions to home remedies, provides invaluable insights and reveals new and modern answers to health and stress issues! Her UQs address psychological and specific grooming and health concerns for consumer education and protection, because not every consumer is educated in the questions they need answers to, and certainly not questions they wouldn’t know to ask.

The health and beauty field seemed overwhelming and mysterious to so many of us. Vivian was originally motivated by anger. She was angry inaccurate information was being sold as truth; no one knows whether these false points are true or not unless they spend lots of time fact checking.

She started her first book because too many people were going to her about scarring when she was the Director of Electrology at Bloomingdale’s. They wanted to know why they were getting scarred and why it was so painful to get hair removed by the waxing technique, electronic tweezing, or electrolysis.  Many people weren’t seeing results as quickly as they wanted with hair removal techniques. They just wanted more information.

At Bloomingdale’s, she was exposed to several top-scale privately managed salons.  She saw how people spent their time and money trying to look better.  They weren’t aware of what the anti-aging products were.

By the time she started my second book, there were no anti-aging acids or ingredients, so Vivian investigated them in all the topic areas, including exfoliation, because as you might now realize that if dead skin cells aren’t removed properly, you can get razor burn or a superficial rash—or even worse!

Additionally, she didn’t want to look like she was aging.  Everyone wants to look young.  So it was exciting for her to find all these new techniques and methods.  And, of course, she developed her own over the course of this time, and her philosophies are based on the knowledge that she acquired, working one on one with individuals and being an educator.

These are not techniques that are offered or taught, and that’s why there’s a great need for them.  Even today, scarring and pitting exist. Products are being sold that aren’t effective. Consumers get angry, frustrated, unhappy, and hurt themselves and as well as others.

The reason Vivian wrote some of the other books like Action Steps or Maintaining Beauty Under Pressure were because she experienced a lot of trauma due to extenuating circumstances that were beyond her control—like severe reoccurring water damage in her apartment.  Action Steps were not only for the individual who finds it difficult to take action and wants support or needs support or change to find an easier road—many ideas are offered in here—but also for herself, because she was the girl who needed to stand up and take control. Before, she was less assertive, afraid, and had no clue of how to go to court and take charge with difficult decisions, or implement the type of work she does today.  Overcoming The Pitfalls Of Stress and Action Steps is about growing into it, growing forward, and through adversity.

Maintaining Beauty Under Pressure was something that she needed to do, and everyone else needs, too. This is a very difficult time where people are going through lots of transitions where they need reliable information at their fingertips.

Stress is a factor in all of our lives. It affects our emotional, physical wellbeing, our family lives, personal interactions, our skin, our hormones, etc. Vivian had to find a way to conquer my own self-defeating psychosomatic ailments and help all of those individuals who would ask my advice. She found a way to control and use it and based all of my research linking the Mind-Body and psychology.

After decades of experience, she can actually say that the content of this entire series is not only helpful for anyone that wants personal growth, improved health, and psychological well-being, but for herself as well.  She feels really good when she read some of the information.  The more you know helps you for self-protection, and gives you an edge.

The Vivian Orgel vision features uncommon, preventative techniques to treat physical and emotional health, as well as beauty enhancement. These investigative diagnostic solutions are something only an insider can provide. Not only does she address everyday personal grooming problems, but also bigger life matters.  A diverse selection of topics are examined to bring insights to often-neglected subjects. She includes helpful strategies and advanced approaches to many topics, such as reducing anger, stress re-education, and weight management. Vivian interviews pioneering experts and makes use of her vast experience to offer new and important information regarding safety, self-protection, and personal empowerment for consumers to alleviate their most pressing concerns. Specialists in dermatology, gynecology, endocrinology, laser application, nutrition, hair removal and loss, and more, are featured to give the most accurate and cutting-edge information.

Vivian’s research is exclusive and was developed to serve consumers’ self-protection needs. The focus is on Unasked Questions (UQs) that both consumers and professionals wouldn’t know to ask, rather than common FAQs. With over 30 years of experience, Vivian has multifaceted philosophies that are integrated throughout each book, and interviews on a wide variety of topics including mental health, emotional hardship, personal dilemmas, drug-free depression relief, personal enhancement, and effective self-esteem. Her signature mind-body approach includes combating dermatological and physical ailments. She also provides skills for inner strength and the emotional and physical healing necessary for today’s busy lifestyles.

Vivian’s various publications focus on safety precautions and treatments for skin conditions through self-care and features innovative low- or no-cost remedies. She covers unconventional techniques to take care of eczema, psoriasis, and ingrown hair removal, among others.

“Initially, I wanted to expose and then clean up the overwhelming mystery surrounding the health and beauty industries. I witnessed severe scarring, burns and emotional roadblocks during the course of treatments. A serious lack of research on the side effects of many products, treatments, and procedures causes consumers’ unnecessary stress and unfortunate physical and financial consequences. Much too frequently consumers are misinformed, especially in areas relating to ethnic skin, hyperpigmentation, and ingrown hair removal.

“I wrote the first book in the series to expose the many serious consequences, inaccuracies, and adverse effects I have witnessed. In my second book, I focus on the widespread lack of testing of dermatological, over-the-counter, and self-treating anti-aging products. Consequently, I investigated alternative no-cost holistic solutions, consulting with professionals to bring you skin-saving advice and effective tips for maintaining youthful looks.”

With conversations over the years with thousands of people she has learned a different perception of stress, emotions, and health matters. A desire to share this information led her to compile her book series which offers a greater scope than most magazines provide and focuses on mind-body techniques to ease challenging life lessons. Her interviews and research contain a wealth of trusted expert knowledge to educate consumers and professionals on various methodologies and to attain the best results possible. Learn to understand medical conditions, potential side effects, and safety concerns in order to control skin reactions and avoid injuries.

Her extensive research is broad and designed to maximize energy with other benefits for the body and drug-free depression relief focusing on emotional alternatives to stress re-education. Professional insider skin and appearance insights to prevent and reverse conditions. She is an innovator with much to offer including publicly withheld information revealing lies, myths, misconceptions, and current facts and advancements about topics with solutions where none were found previously.

Vivian has experience with numerous circumstances about life and conditions with one-on-one skin and hair removal treatments. She’s trained others to be more conscious of skin reactions during treatments in order to prevent skin injuries. Industry magazines frequently consult her. Her methods cover a variety of concerns with an awareness of medical conditions. Through the years she’s looked for ways to advance the techniques through diagnostic assessments. She can help you learn to see the signs to prevent skin injuries from unskilled practitioners or self inflicted skin damage.

These interviews and more can be found in Vivian’s books, articles and videos.

  • Dr. Michael Lorin Reed, Associate Professor of Clinical Dermatology and Hair Transplant Surgeon
  • Dr. Barry Zide Director of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery at New York University
  • Dr. Walter Futterweit, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology
  • Dr. George Michael, Long Hair Care Salon Owner on Madison Ave
  • Christine Valmy, International School of Skin Care Aesthetics
  • Joe Franklin, Legendary TV and talk show host with New York City’s Bloomberg Radio
  • Dr. Karen Sherman: Psychologist specializing in relationships
  • Dr. Jerome L. Greenberg, New York: Chiropractor, Nutritional and Sports Nutritionist
  • Steve Garrin, Executive Producer of VideoActive Productions and Celebrity Interviews for Joe Franklin’s Bloomberg Radio Program
  • Anthony E. Karpas, “The Adrenal as a Source of Androgens”
  • Micah Gampel, Award Winning Photographer, Japan
  • Dr. Robert B. Greenblatt, Internal Medicine Group Atlanta
  • Arthur Ralph Hinkel, P-E.E., and Richard W. Lind, B.A., MA: California
  • Dr. Ellen Manos, Gynecologist, New York
  • Dr. Marian Cantisano Zilkha, and Dr. Stephen Bosniak, New York
  • Annette Hansen, owner of Atelier Esthetique
  • Dr. Donald Wood-Smith, Facial and Cosmetic, F.A.C.S New York
  • Ms. Marina de Haydu of the Christine Valmy Salons, NY
  • Bloomberg News
  • Bloomberg Radio
  • Inside Business
  • Virginian Pilot
  • The New York Times Magazine
  • Vogue
  • Woman’s Day Beauty
  • GQ
  • Glamour
  • Essence
  • Teen Beat
  • Self
  • Seventeen
  • Skin Inc.; Spa Business Solutions
  • Dermascope: The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics and Spa Therapy Journal
  • Modern Salon
  • New Woman
  • New Body
  • The New Yorker
  • CASTING: The Entertainment Magazine
  • Women’s Record
  • Beauty Education
  • Energy Times
  • New York Bodies
  • The Joe Franklin Show, Channel 9 WWOR TV
    • Eleven appearances as a featured guest
    • Discussed “Promoting and marketing your business to the media” and “The Mind, Body, Beauty Connection™”
    • Appeared with a world-renowned endocrinologist and psychologist, authors of “I’m Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired”, with whom Vivian discussed the psychological disorders, stress, and low self-esteem problems which contribute to skin problems and hair growth.
  • Bloomberg Radio, NYC
    • Interview topic: New stress focus and re-education
  • The New Yorker, NYC
    • Two appearances as a featured guest
    • Interview topic: emotional stress and preventing beauty and grooming disasters
  • Dermascope: The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics and Spa Therapy Journal
    • “How to Control Stressing Out Over Burn Out”
    • “Emotional Stress Reduction Strategies”
    • “Double Exposure, Stress in Your Mind and in Your Skin”
    • “A Holistic Approach to Identifying and Controlling Stressed Skin”
    • “Words of Wisdom for Healthier Stress Management”
    • “Positive Self-talk Career Enhancement Solutions”
  • Energy Times
    • “Turn Back the Hands of Time”
  • The International Guild Bulletin
    • “Electrologist or Psychotherapist

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As a general statement, I believe that Vivian is one of the best presenters in the twenty three year history of the Williamsburg Fraud Conference. Your conference would be lucky to have her present to it.
Dr. Douglas E. Ziegenfuss, Professor and Chair, Coordinator Williamsburg Fraud Conference


Keynote speaker post 9/11 at various venues:

New York City

  • Columbia University
  • Barnard College
  • Learning Annex Health Fair
  • The New School Adult Education Division
  • Teacher’s College
  • Move Forward New York