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Vivian Orgel has worked closely with a team of medical experts to put together a clearly written, well organized text to help consumers make an intelligent choice for a hair removal method that is safe, effective, and satisfactory for each individual.
Dr. Michael Lorin Reed, Dermatologist
Even though I’m quite secure and confident, any time I’ve needed any guidance, any wisdom, when I was in a dilemma, Vivian was the lady that I went to with my little bit of aggravation. She’s such a clear, positive thinker with such discipline, such an economy of words, she told me in one paragraph what somebody else would take volumes to explain to me, and I’ve followed her wisdom. She’ll be giving a lot of people the opportunity to go through life on a happier, more optimistic note.
Joe Franklin, WWOR-TV
As a general statement, I believe that [Vivian] is one of the best presenters in the twenty three year history of the Williamsburg Fraud Conference. Your conference would be lucky to have her present to it.
Dr. Douglas E. Ziegenfuss, Professor and Chair, Coordinator Williamsburg Fraud Conference
By bringing the problem of unwanted hair into the open and by offering concrete advice on hair removal techniques, Vivian Orgel’s tape alleviates some of the distress. In addition, the tape stresses the necessity of seeking medical help when unwanted hair-growth is accompanied by other medical problems.
Dr. Walter Futterweit, F.A.C.P., Clinical Professor of Medicine Division of Endocrinology
Educator Vivian Orgel has recently introduced her skin care program, The Mind, Body and Beauty Connection. Orgel discusses achieving wrinkle-free, hair-free, flawless skin and emotional and physical wellness…she shares her philosophies on current skin treatments.
Editor, Modern Salon Magazine
Vivian has helped give me a self-confidence I never felt before. On a larger level, I have grown as a person through Vivian’s friendship. Her knowledge of beauty and wellness through stress management and her supportive attitude has become an invaluable part of my life.
Kelly Coleman, Client
Vivian Orgel provided me with the tools that have altered my life by drastically improving my image. Vivian’s techniques also boosted my self-confidence.
Executive Secretary, Client
I was introduced to using lavender when I met Vivian. She insisted on its natural healing powers. I suffered from mild breakouts, especially during menstrual cycles or from stress. I have tried so many products and spent several hundreds of dollars with the battle, including fruit-acid peels and glycolic acid washes. Needless to say I was a bit skeptical, but I tried it and my skin began to improve. My complexion looks cleaner, old spots have faded and I continue to use it everyday!
Graphic Designer, Client
Being in a large urban place such as New York City, we can all feel pretty alone sometimes, and I felt sad when I wished there was someone to talk to. I have not known Vivian very long, but she saw that I was in a crisis and the first thing she did was offer comfort and sound advice that I could internalize and learn from. It was about dealing with loss, forgiving from the heart, and always staying self-empowered to get through the worst things. And although I am still learning and dealing with daily struggles, it has been a blessing to find a woman, who is outrageously witty and funny and also serious enough to offer all the help in the world to cheer me up.
New York City Artist, Client
You have incredible insights from irreplaceable life experiences which are priceless!!!
Veronica Thomas, Client
Prior to Vivian Orgel’s advice and treatments, I had skin injuries that I thought would last forever. But through her knowledgeable suggestions and solutions, most of my scarring has faded and healed.
Susan Grady, Business Owner
I am one of Vivian’s clients who decided to buy her books. There was so much information that I didn’t find in beauty magazines. I couldn’t understand why I was breaking out all the time, even with all the medications the dermatologists gave me. They were a waste of my time and money. I can now control this problem without medications for the rest of my life.
H.G. Computer Specialist, Client
As a fitness trainer and actress, it is important I look fit and healthy and maintain good skin over the years. Vivian Orgel corrected my visible premature aging which made a dramatic change in my facial appearance–the deep lines in my upper lip and forehead are gone without using a product or treatment procedure.
Sherri Wilkerson, Client
I was losing my husband to a serious illness, and Vivian’s words of encouragement strengthened my resolve to help my husband through his last difficult struggle. After my loss, Vivian again taught me to take positive steps to get my life moving forward and to see things differently.
Brenda, Client
Ms. Orgel took me under her wing the summer I was going to college. The moment I met her, it was obvious she was a woman full of energy and life, with an uncanny desire to help others. I only spent a little over a month with her, but during this short period, every aspect of my life became a concern of hers. When my financial aid for college fell through, she insisted on talking to the head of the financial department. When my father had nearly suffered from a stroke, she insisted on convincing him to lead a healthier lifestyle. This is the way she treats everyone in her life – in fact, anyone she comes in contact with. Ms. Orgel’s well-being is determined by other people’s well-being.
Amy Yong, Former Employee
I don’t know if you’ll ever realize how grateful I am to you for coming to my rescue when I so desperately needed help. You were a beam of bright light in what was a very dark time–literally an answer to my prayers.
Ann, Client
Cortisone shots in my neck were costing me $250 a month, and I had an ulcer from taking aspirin. Vivian helped me cure myself with very little effort. I have more energy, no pain, and thankfully, I can work again.
Beauty Salon Employee, Client
My doctor told me I had arthritis in my neck and shoulders. Vivian told me not to believe it. She explained the mind-body connection, and the arthritis disappeared like she said.
Airline Stewardess, Client
Vivian Orgel provided me with the tools that have altered my life, by drastically improving my image.  Vivian’s techniques also boosted my self-confidence.
Susan, Client
They can be in the sea fighting off the sharks, but you’ll be out there long after they have been eaten up.
Peter Milrose, Client
I was totally over the edge, and had given up hope. I saw Vivian at the gym, and knew that she could put me back on track. I said, ‘No one else can help me. Tell me what to do.’ And she did. She brought back hope. My outlook and mood changed immediately.
Gym Manager, Client
I was majorly depressed, and Vivian found a way to get me motivated.
Anonymous, Client
I was having extremely dark thoughts and extremely depressed when Vivian came into the gym. I had asked other people for help but she always knew what to say to snap me out of this. 
Pete, Gym Patron

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Take Charge with Life-Skills and Beauty Precautions

How we look affects society’s perception and attitudes toward us and determines our own feelings of self-worth. Moreover,  when we feel badly about ourselves, we may believe we do not deserve good things in life.

For example, those who have marred skin, hair loss or excessive growth often suffer from a lack of self-confidence.  Although most of these visible imperfections can be easily remedied; unfortunately,  the damage can extend  beyond the surface and have lasting psychological and physical effects. Additionally, what is viewed as a lack of ambition for a thriving career or a romantic life is the direct result of a low self-confidence and self-esteem because of their suffering.

An overwhelming number of beauty products and health information is available to the consumer, but it’s hard to know who and what to trust. Advertisers spread images of smooth-skinned, hairless bodies to promote society’s view of beauty. As a result, of this propaganda, consumers feel pressured to live up to these standards.

Many self-help books line the bookshelves and offer insights and advice. However, VivianOrgel.com offers different insights, approaches and solutions. Orgel’s honest, unbiased research focuses on different consumer safety concerns. You will not only save precious time, but also avoid unwanted health issues, beauty and medical consequences, as well as self-inflicted pain from poor home treatments.